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Olga Zaitseva-Herz is a PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology in the Department of Music at the University of Alberta, a research assistant at the Kule Folklore Centre (Edmonton, Canada) and a voice instructor at the Johannes-Gutenberg University (Mainz, Germany). Her research focuses on Ukrainian Canadian music. Olga is a professional musician with big international stage experience. Her classical training in violin and piano started at the age of seven. Later she added one more subject: vocals. These subjects determined the course of her life. At the same time the interest in the Ukrainian folk music has always been with Olga. The phenomenon of Ukrainian folk singing particularly inspired her. The music education she got later in Ukraine and Germany (Music Conservatory in Dnipropetrovsk, University in Kyiv, Wiesbaden Music Academy) further enhanced her knowledge and understanding of the qualities of Ukrainian folklore. Olga always felt very deeply moved in this field and has been practicing it her whole life. In the year 2011 in Germany she created the music band "ZAITSA" with which she rearranges and performs old Ukrainian folk songs. In addition to their new creative compositions, one key aim of the ZAITSA project is to find lesser known or even forgotten folk pieces and give them a new life. The performing style is heavily influenced by jazz and folk. In 2012 they produced their first EP for an appearance at the Festival associated with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. ZAITSA´s first album was released in 2018. In June 2018 in Wiesbaden (Germany) the band introduced its new program based on combination of old fieldrecordings of Ukrainian Canadian found by Olga in the archives of Canada with modern musical performance. They wrote arrangements and combined them with the a-capella recorded songs sung by early Ukrainian immigrants in Canada. The idea behind this project is to let the original voices of early Ukrainian immigrants, stored in archives, sound again, on the stage.
Olga dreams to create her own scholarship fund one day and support other scholars. Now she is working on preserving Ukrainian Canadian Music for further research, creating new sound compositions by combining research with performance and bringing it on the stage. Visit
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Olga Zaitseva-Herz-Voice, Violin
Marek Herz-Guitar
Torsten Knoll-Keys
Markus Wach-Bass
Martin Standke-Drums
Mathias Hößel-Percussion

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"ZAITSA"- ist ein Zusammenklang der ukrainischen Folklore mit Pop-, Jazz- und Balkan Zutaten. Die Band "ZAITSA" wurde im Sommer 2012 gegründet. Ihre erste CD Veröffentlichung und erste Konzertreise nach London zur Eröffnung der Olympischen Spiele ( Festival MELA, Tunbridge Wells) machte die Band noch unter dem Bandnamen "Olga Zaitseva & Band" Das Programm besteht aus neuen Interpretationen von ukrainischer Folklore sowie aus Kompositionen der Sängerin und Violinistin, Olga Zaitseva. Die Band ist besetzt mit hervorragenden Musikern, die sich auch in anderen Formationen oder als Solokünstler in Deutschland bereits in der Musikszene etabliert haben.
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ZAITSA is nominated and shortlisted for the Edmonton Music Prize 2018!

For more details listen to the interview with Olga on CBC Radio Active:

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